About Melissa

My practice is based upon creating long-standing collaborative partnerships both with clients and fellow multidisciplinary professionals all over the world. Our relationships are built on mutual trust, honesty and purpose.

In my path I’ve encountered clients from many different parts of the world and backgrounds, so I’ve had the opportunity to work for a wide variety of markets, like Editorial (printed and online media), Branding, Web, Manufacturing Industries like Automotive, Home Wear, Engineering and Distribution.

I like to keep it simple and to involve the client in the creation process. My goal is to focus on conveying the message that you want to send, by understanding your dreams, your goals and how your market works.


I am a Senior Designer / Art Director and Project Manager.
My services include: Graphic design; Web design; Creating, coordinating and executing publicity campaigns; Branding design; Product and Packaging; Editorial Design; Social Media; Video concept and direction; Team and Project coordination and management; Marketing strategy; Content creation and overall consulting and planning.

On this site you can find a selection of some of the work I’ve been developing over the past years.